Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Slouchy Little Hobo Bag

With the black market behind me it is time to get creative....

I had some fabric which i meant to make myself a coat but have decided it would look kind of cool as a bag, so the  Slouchy Little Hobo Bag has been created....

You can either wear you hobo short or sling it over with the longer length strap, the strap is a continuous circle through the reinforced ends of the bag.

The inside of the hobo bag is lined with black shantung; there is also a pocket inside the bag

Bag dimensions and other stuff

Colours: Charcoal, Black Shantung Lining
Measurements: Width=flattened 17”, Bag Height = 18”, Bag Overall Height including strap =26”, strap extended 34"
Pockets on outside and inside of the bag

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