Monday, February 28, 2011

A few more Black Market ideas..

A few more sewing hours and some more Black Market ideas...

and a customer request.....

 Must get back to it.... only a few days holidays left... really not looking forward to going back to work...

Been to Porland .....

Well i spent the weekend in Portland, was not sure what to expect but i must so i had a rather excellent time.
One of the highlights would have to be the Maremma dogs, they are used to guard a colony of nesting gannet birds at Point Danger near Portland, however i think the dogs must get a bit lonely....but a beautiful dog....below are some of the photos i took.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

busy sewing for The BLACK MARKET

Some of my crazy creations for The BLACK MARKET , lots of lace of course and stripes and layers and skulls and pin stripe

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Discovered Upcycling

Decovered upcycling to day....

No that is not riding a bicycle up a hill, i cant do that.....

Take one red skirt

cut of bottom
add a cute cherry flounce
add some cute lace
add some grommet tape detail

Result a cute red skirt with cherries and lace

Must try this again, i thinks it turned out really well

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Black Market SUN APRIL 15th

Well been busy sewing for The BLACK MARKET - SUN APRIL 15th , if you are interested the details are
7 Eunson Avenue Northcote
(off St Georges Rd down by the Merri Creek)
12noon to 5pm
 things for sale will mostly be
The big Gothy Garage Sale
Open to all to buy & sell but it is the Black Market so aimed at more unusual types so the more unusual your wares to sell the better - new things, old all sells!

"Clothes - lace, velvet, PVC, satin, leather, pinstripe, feathers, band t-shirts,
fishnet, brocade, tartan, sparkles
Accessories - bags, boots, shoes, corsets, hats, capes, jewelery, shawls, belts, badges, fans, wigs
Stuff - Art, books, magazines, DVD's, pictures, musical instruments, photography equipment, kids toys, computer bits, games, vinyl, collectibles, CD’s, cakes, relishes, jams, comics, bric-a-brac, antiquities, junk, munchies …

Goth, Steam Punk, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Punk, Ska, Hippy, Emo, Metal, Cyber ...lots of black" 

visit facebook page!/pages/The-BLACK-MARKET/116045751756988?v=wall for more details.

Also a request via etsy to sew a dress, haven't followed a pattern for a while so hope it turns out ok....i hate button holes especially as i have to make them by hand...

Went to Joys Fabric Warehouse yesterday web site, spent lots of money on cool fabric.....

My alter ego.... Creationsbysbdesigns