Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Creating from scratch and tulle

I had an idea to create a cute little purse using some heavy duck cloth which i purchased long ago.

SO after some cutting hand painting hand stamping i think the resulting purse turned out pretty cute.

from some purple tulle came a tutu style women skirt .
The skirt has 4 layers of tulle the longest being 33cm and shortest being 25 cm, the layers have been pleated and attached to an elasticated black stretch cotton fabric waistband when stretched measures 99 cm, with each layer being edged with black lace. I have sewn lace and purple ribbon around top of tulle layers.

 just have to make a small version for my granddaughter

Friday, February 10, 2012

Its been a while

Well i have not visited my blog for a while, so hello here i am.

2012 has been a rather sad year so far my mum is in hospital, and sadly one of my brothers passed away suddenly at the age of 51.

His memory will live on forever.....

I am still sewing, maybe not as much as i would like to but i think i need to now get into it....

Some latest creations are...A couple of cute skirt, cherries, pins and badges....

I made some badges on the second skirt, just for fun...

I think i will make this year more productive..... well i will try...

My alter ego.... Creationsbysbdesigns