Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lace skulls and tulle

So with some white cotton fabric black skulls, add a black tulle layer, add a lacy layer, add some black lace to the white cotton fabric, a bit of elastic to add some gathering  details.

What you get is a cute skirt..... well i think its cute any way.....

And now to continue sewing .........

well what i should have done today was mow my lawn it is only a foot high...... my excuse no petrol..... maybe tomorrow...


  1. That definitely is cute...Wish I was young enough to wear such things. By the way your daughter looks awesome in your creations!

  2. thank you for your comment and dont worry i am much toooo old to wear them just love sewing...and my daughter loves trying them on...

  3. This is a very cute skirt! Is 21 too old to wear it? I wonder... ha. It's pretty sweet though.

  4. i dont see why not.... it is small but an adult size small.....and i could make it made to measure.... :)


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